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They call me the Jam Lady...

My name is Sandy, and I have been in business commercially since spring of 2006, but I got my start long before then. I made jams/jellies for my family many years ago, when I only had 2 children in the house. As my family grew, I stopped making the jelly so that I could tend to what ended up being my family of 6.

Who knew a garage sale would take me here?...

In 2003, I helped a dear friend with a garage sale after I had recently quit my job due to health reasons. She invited me to bring whatever I wanted to the sale to make some money. I knew some old shorts and shirts would not create much cash, so I brought some jams I had recently started making again, relishes, and the like. I made a lot of money in two days and realized something was happening here.

Farmer's Market was a hit...

I soon ventured to our local Farmer's Market and to my astonishment, I sold jelly like crazy. Every year it got bigger and bigger. It got to a point where I needed to become a commercial business. I soon started venturing out away from home to area craft shows that feature "handmade only" items. I travel all over the state now, the furthest being Ely, MN on the Canadian border for the blueberry festival in July. 

I wear many hats...

I am the wife of Dana, my husband of over 34 years, the mother of 4 handsome grown men and mother-in-law to two wonderful young women. I am also the grandmother of three. As seen in the background of my website, I live in rural Minnesota and have a great view of the sunsets from my deck. In addition to enjoying nature, wildlife, gardening and cooking, I love to fish.

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